Interior Styling-Hexham Lodge

The Brief

Interior styling project for the Lodge near Hexham. 

We had the pleasure of meeting Julie Robson three years ago at a Charity Networking session. Julie runs Jessica Sarcoma awareness Charity. The Charity was started by her daughter Jess as she was fighting cancer. Her dream was to create a place where children and young adults could spend quality time with their family members as a break during treatment. Very sadly Jessica lost her fight but her family Mother Julie, Dad Trevor and sister Nicole have worked so hard to make Jess’ dream a reality. 

When I originally met Julie they were still in the initial stages of planning to build the lodge. As they are a charity they rely heavily on support and donations. I offered to help with the Interior design or styling whatever they needed and as it was a charity I said I’d do if free of charge. 

In 2020 the lodge was finished to an extremely high standard, modern kitchen, bathroom, 3 bedrooms all double. 

Interior Styling Hexham

Interior Styling Hexham

The brief was to make the lodge as luxurious, comfortable, and cosy for the visiting families. In the 3 bedrooms to complement the lovely white bedding, cushions and throws were added, along with pictures lamps and accessories to give the rooms a cosy boutique hotel feel. 

The kitchen was fully stocked with items chosen by Nicole. 

In the main open plan area of the lodge, we used a mixture of upcycled furniture, Julie had lovingly created, along with new furniture pieces kindly donated by a local furniture store. 

I reached out to my contacts and they were so kind, a beautiful sea scape painting was donated by my friend Helen Burridge, Glebe House Vintage in Newbiggin kindly gave 2 tripod lamps and Samphire bay gave us a good discount on three of their cushions. 

The styling for this area was completed using lots of cosy cushions and throws and accessories such as vases and faux flowers. The seascape has centre stage behind the main sofa. 

The lodge is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the family and their supporters. They have already had several family's use the space since it was completed.


Before pics

Client's comments 

"April Cottage was Jess’s dream of creating a holiday lodge for children teenagers fighting cancer. As a family we have built the lodge and after meeting Lorraine at a network meeting, Lorraine has transformed the lodge into a beautiful holiday home from home which includes lots of homely touches of soft furnishings and lovely pictures. 

I could not have achieved this without out your professionalism, dedication and your time donated for free. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. "

Trevor, Julie and Nicole Robson


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