Maximising your property potential-Styling to sell

For the majority of us, our homes are our biggest asset. If you are planning to put your home on the market, you not only want to get the best price but also encourage lots of viewers through the door.  So before you get the valuers out, ensure your home is looking all sparkly and at it's absolute best.
If you are confident and are going to style the home yourself, here are some tips you might like to follow:
Deep clean - First and foremost, ensure your home is spotless. It might seem obvious but give your home a good clean throughout, paying particular attention to the windows (inside and out) and any mirrors. Bathrooms and kitchens in particular should be spotless. If the task is too big, you could bring in a local cleaning company to carry out a one off deep clean.

Declutter - Hopefully you are going to be moving soon, so get rid of anything that doesn’t have a use or look good. That includes items that you keep moving from one place to another. You could even make some money by putting items up for sale on Marketplace or Gumtree etc or giving to a charity.  This again may seem obvious but you should put all clothes shoes and washing away. If you have pets, tidy away toys and beds for the photographs and more importantly the viewers. The same goes for children's toys, tidy as many away as possible.

Styling - Put yourself in the buyer's shoes.  Look at each room through the eyes of a potential viewer to ensure that they can see the space. Is the furniture placed in the best position?  Once you are happy with the layout, a bit of styling is potentially needed. One of the best ways to restyle a room is to remove all the accessories and then place a few items back in the room (put the other items into storage or use them in another room).  Finish off all outstanding little jobs, touching up paintwork, fixing anything that’s broken.

Budget - You don’t need to buy lots of new things for your home but if your bedding is looking tired, purchase new neutral bedding and always ensure it’s ironed.  Candles are a nice addition and where possible, place fresh flowers for the photography and viewings.

Garden - Make sure it's as tidy as possible and that your front door and front garden is looking good.

And finally - Plump up any cushions, tidy beds, add some flowers and ring the Estate agent.
If you don't have the time or you feel it's still too big a job and you want a bit of help, drop us an email or call we'd be delighted to help.

We recently had the pleasure of styling a lovely house on the River Derwent to get it ready for sale-Have a look at our latest case study for further information.Projects

Good luck

Lorraine x


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