Happy New Year-Interior Trends for 2020

Happy New Year hope you had an amazing Christmas and New Year

Towards the end of 2019, I had the pleasure of being invited to the Interior influencer's breakfast for the Northern Quarters event at the Biscuit factory. 

The breakfast gave us an early look around the Northern Quarters event, the Biscuit factory itself and also full access to all the talks and stands.

The presenters throughout the day were a mixture of Interior people from shops to individuals who had fully renovated their homes, one of which will be featured on Grand designs in the future.

Sustainability was a key focus in the majority of the talks, upcycling playing a key part in this. It was mentioned that there will be a slowdown in trends due to environmental focus.

Some of the key points were from the talks and also what I recommend to clients are;

  • Invest in Statement pieces of furniture. BoConcept have sold the same style of sofa for over 20 years
  • Embrace trends by buying more carefully, changing up accessories or paint colour, rather than a whole room.
  • Only follow trends that suit your own style
  • If it's going in your home you need to love it

One of the talks I was most interested in was the Trend forecast for interiors in 2020. Two of the main speakers were Trend Bible and BoConcept, both businesses are experts in their fields. BoConcept have been making stunning furniture for decades and Trend Bible forecast the trends across various industries including retail.

Trends for this coming year;

  • Natural colours continue, keeping with nature and bamboo and cane furniture will be on the increase
  • Industrial lights continue but are making way for more luxurious lighting
  • Laura Ashley prints are coming back in
  • 60's and 70's furniture continue to trend over the next couple of years
  • More luxurious and richer tones are going to take over from the pinks
  • Plants are staying
  • Last but not least, vertical tiles will replace metro style tiles

My advice would be pick out the trends that suit your style and if your struggling to find your own colour palette look in your own wardrobe. You'll see the colours you like repeated through your rails and shelves.

I hope this was useful and if in doubt trust your own judgement.

Best Wishes




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