When the decorations come down!

Christmas is a distant memory already and now we are all focusing on getting fit and losing a few pounds (ok I'll start next week!  I don't know about you, but I was actually looking forward to the decorations coming down this year! This was partly because we had to put them up earlier than usual but also to declutter.

Once the decorations do come down though, everything feels a bit bare.  I took the opportunity, as I do, to look for some new accessories to add to what is already here.  You can make little changes to a space without spending a fortune.

One thing I'd had my eye on for a while, was a new grey runner from H&M home which was only £29.99 but has made quite an impact on the hall. See below for the picture.

Another accessory, which is a bit more costly, is the Large White Twig heart from West Barn Interiors.  It's currently £48.50 but its more of a statement piece as it's 72cm high and 78cm wide and creates a great focal point.  I have mine in our dining room but i've recently used one on a client's stairs and it looks really effective. Nicky Jones Interiors in Corbridge have some lovely decorative items along with gorgeous pieces of furniture.  I got a lovely wooden wreath which was only £14.99, see pictures.

One last place I'd suggest checking out is Baytree Interiors.  They have a great selection of interior items including the wall plaque that I sourced for a client's home which was under £10.

Something pretty inexpensive which I've had a lot of compliments about, are the dried Hydrangeas dotted around the house. These are literally large Hydrangeas that I've dried out once they are past their best.  The large green ones are really suited to being dried and they look fantastic in a nice vase or jug.  I get mine from 5th Avenue flowers on the Quayside in Newcastle but most good florists will stock them.

Enough about accessories, this is where the planning starts.  A mixture of client projects and also some projects for our house much to my husband's delight.  Upcoming plans for our house include re-decorating my daughters' bedrooms and a thorough de-clutter, I'm fond of a treat!  I'll make sure to share these updates with you  once they are complete.

Hope some of these suggestions have been useful.  If you have any questions or need some help either drop me an email or give me a call. Don't forget to follow us on Instagram where I share all our updates.

Take care




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